About us

Benbenn Packaging Brief Introduction:

Year established:

Was founded in 2008 by a group of factory owners as a professional workshop. 


A professional packaging and printing service factory in Dongguan, China.


Paper box packaging and paper bags to the market of China mainland and overseas.


Abide by the principle of WIN-WIN and Mutual equality, Reliable, long-term relationship. 


150-200 staff.

Benbenn Strength

Three floors factory plants:


◆First floor:

◘1 set Heidelberg 5color printing machine   ◘1 set Roland 1 color printing machine    ◘2 set paper-cutting machines    ◘1 set paper-mounting machine      ◘paper material storage area + delivery area 

◆Second floor:
◘ 6 sets half-auto die-cutting machines ◘1 set half-auto box-sticking production line  ◘ corrugated boxes&card boxes warehouse  ◘ Mainland market offices
◆Third floor:
◘1 set half-auto box-shaping machine  ◘1 set half-auto production line machine   ◘ 3 sets Pressing machines  ◘1 set silk printing machine  ◘2 set Angle-sticking machines  ◘1 set Computerized sample-cutting machine  ◘ overseas department
Soft ware:
◘ 5 engineers with over 7 years experiences in packaging and printing industry ◘ 8 QCs for all steps of production and delivery ◘ 3 overseas sales with well English skills and also at least 3 years packaging field   ◘10 mainland packaging&printing specialists

Main products

Main products:

Printed paper box, gift box&bags, jewelry box&bags, watch box, cardboard box, corrugated box, wine box, tea box, paper bags and any other luxury handmade paper boxes and bags as well.

Current Export Market:

America, Canada, UK, France,  Australia, Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc

Cooperate Attitude:

Equality, fairly, honestly, faithfully, long-term, and most import WIN-WIN. We are friends, dear.

Connotation of our Brand

 Benbenn is a nick name in our life. We call each other “Benbenn”. Sounds lovely and friendly.  It also means honest, persistent, responsible, faithful, etc. 

◆Then we used it as a Company Name, also let you feel happy and funny. The life is full of funny and happy, too. As a Benbenn, our eyes will receive the happy things in life. 

◆Although the business world is fulfilled with cruel competition, we still can do the happy things with a humorous attitude. 

◆◆◆Let’s work together and establish a happy&funny life together!

Why Us as your Packaging Box Supplier

◆ 1. Priority with well qualified packaging boxes over 7 years.

◆ 2. Support your local market with reasonable price; 

◆ 3. Free plain sample boxes can be provided; 

◆ 4. Quotation can sent within 2 hours during working time; 

◆ 5. Handmade box product ability: about 100,000 pcs per month; 

◆ 6. 5-7 days samples making after confirmation; 

◆ 7. Save your cost with frequent VE when production; 

◆ 8. Abide the discipline of equality, win-win and responsibility. 

◆ 9. Professional engineers to realize your box idea well.